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World Congress of Families Convenes in Washington     10/30/2001
By Wendy Wright

“Families are the ultimate source of health, wealth and happiness,” pronounced Rabbi Daniel Lapin at the World Congress of Families. “Deep down, everyone knows marriage isn’t an economic contract but a sacred commitment. That explains to me why government is hostile to marriage.”

Concerned Women for America and the Beverly LaHaye Institute co-sponsored the World Congress of Families held in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 26-27. The event had a simple but profound purpose—to defend the family as the fundamental unit of society. Conceived as an alternative to the conferences held by the United Nations that too often view governments as superior to family life, the World Congress of Families celebrated the benefits of marriage and family.

Leaders who have defended the family in hostile arenas gave practical advice and statistical evidence of what works in building strong families. Speakers outlined where the dangers lie, and how to counter common arguments that demean the importance of mothers, fathers and religious life.

The family structure creates the best citizens. Yet families are vulnerable to civic and cultural turmoil. They need governments to provide stability and predictability.

Dr. Janice Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute spoke on “Marriage: Will it Shelter the 21st Century Family?” Rita Thompson, national spokesman for Concerned Women for America, addressed “Mores, Morality, and the Media—What’s A Parent To Do?

“You know the protests that arise when the United States is attacked and criticized?” asked Rabbi Daniel Lapin. “That is how we should protest when the family is impugned.”

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