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The Teachings of HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook

This commentary illuminates Rabbi Kook's writings on the subjects of war and peace. In his penetrating and poetic style, Rabbi Kook teaches that war can often be a catalyst for redemption, uprooting evil, erasing false doctrines, and uncovering Israel's great righteousness. With a love for all of humanity, Rabbi Kook examines the deep, inner causes of war, and illumines the Divine Hand behind all of world history. True peace, he explains, can only be achieved when the nation of Israel is united and guided by the supreme moral light of the Torah.

Often startling in its condemnation of Western civilization's moral decline, Rabbi Kook's writings on war reveal a little-known side of his giant Torah personality. Written during the height of World War One, his essays read like prophecies heralding the rebirth of the Jewish nation in Israel, a miracle that began to unfold in the aftermath of the war.

Selected Teachings on War and Peace:
  • "When one understands that the Redemption of Israel is the goal of world history, one can discover a new spiritual dimension in all of the world's wars and revolutions."
  • "Our heroes of yore, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, King David and the Macabbees, were complete in their spiritual building - mighty in Torah, mighty in holiness, and mighty in war. Our identification with them, and our desire to emulate them, awakens our own inner potential."
  • "There are times when Israel is forced to adopt the politics of war, not from a lust for killing and conquest, but to put an end to all war."
  • "Modern Western culture, with all of its immorality and falsehoods, will disappear from the world. The holy culture of Israel will be established in its place."

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